The Importance of Decision-Focused Board Decision Papers

Board decision papers are vital in equipping owners with the data, facts and figures for making strategic decisions for the business. They should be crystal clear and succinct to stop directors having overwhelmed, throwing away valuable time and avoiding crucial business issues that may require instant attention.

Using the same video or graphic language across each of the documents inside the board pack up will ensure a frequent look and feel which makes it easier to get owners to read. This can be referred to as ‘user experience’ it will be a good way of assisting directors quest through the info in the mother board paper with full confidence and goal.

The purpose of the board conventional paper should be plainly indicated in the title and the professional summary. This will help to make clear the objective of the file – would it be for information simply, discussion or perhaps seeking a conclusion? This will then guide the structure and data expected.

In the case of a choice seeking standard paper, it is important to feature a consideration of alternatives analysis. This will spotlight other ways to achieve the same or perhaps similar performance and is an integral part of ensuring that the decision will be the appropriate one for the organisation.

A number of the table development analysts and chairpeople we interviewed recommend that the decision-focussed approach to the production view of board paperwork is a beneficial way of restoring information sharing between the account manager team plus the board. This also helps to keep the focus upon what is crucial and problems teams to only provide the relevant information.

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